Youth@worK aims to maximise the enormous spend in education to create impact resulting in quality primary, secondary and tertiary education for all South Africans. There are many wonderful and experienced NGOs who focus on a specific skill, area or task such as reading, maths, English literacy, teacher training in Early Childhood Development, providing online courses for additional learning, offering advice and services in health care and supporting people with disability and providing leadership skills to principals and leadership in business. Our aim is to work closely with these organisations as partners, share funding and resources, to collectively achieve the goal of quality education for all South Africans. 

YES recognises the critical role South African youth play in shaping our economy and our country – and yet six million young people are shut out of the economy. This is why YES seeks out ground-breaking ways, though innovation and technological best practice, to create one million jobs for South Africa’s youth.

YES is driven by business and fully supported by Government and Labour. As a nation, we have the capacity t change South Africa’ skewed economy reality together. Business Partners of YES fund the salaries of the 12-month work opportunities and gain up to two levels on their B-BBEE scorecards. Youth are placed either inside the operations of the business partner or are accommodated in community-based host placement.

Youth@worK recruits, contract and manages such host placements within PfP schools and tertiary institutions.

Symphonia for South Africa’s Partners for Possibility programme (PfP) facilitates cross-sectoral reciprocal partnerships between Business, Government and the Social Sector.

Partners for Possibility is a creative solution tackling South Africa’ education crisis – it is a co-action, co-learning partnership between School Principals and Business Leaders, enabling social cohesion through partnerships, and empowering Principals to become change leaders in their schools and communities.

Youth@worK manages and implements youth work placements and learnerships for unemployed youth into a well-established network of over 1000 PfP schools nationally.

Symphonia for South Africa welcomes and supports the deployment of additional human resources into the PfP schools, enabling educators to focus on teaching while simultaneously allowing youth to learn valuable office administration, communication, IT and teacher support skills. By displaying active citizenship and good work ethics, these young people are able to offer a valuable service to their communities.

The Click Foundation deploys online English literacy programmes in under-privileged primary schools across South Africa. The programme, which is runs in the school’s computer lab, offers young learners in grade R to 7 the opportunity to work at their own pace through fun and enjoyable activities, navigating their learning journey by means of technology.  In doing so, the Click Foundation is not only addressing the literacy crisis but also equipping these young learners with the technological skills required for future success.

Youth@worK collaborates with the Click Foundation by placing Youth Facilitators into schools to run the online self-paced English and numeracy literacy programmes.  The youth facilitators are previously unemployed youth who receive specific training to enable them to support the teaching process and skills transfer.  Youth@worK further supports the youth in their work placement by providing mentoring and payroll services as well as offering them access to e-learning qualifications provided by another partner. We are exploring ways for these computer rooms to be used by the wider community thus creating a business opportunity for the past YES employee.