Youth@worK manages a structured, 12-month employment journey for youth working in education at selected schools or tertiary institutions. Through our partners, we are able to offer 6500 work placements across South Africa at over 1000 schools, TVET colleges and universities nationally. 

Youth@worK’s programme management includes:

  • Vetting of host site, mapping the required skills through resource gap analysis
  • Preparing educational institutions as suitable host employers to manage young employees
  • Selecting youth based on the funders’ requirements
  • Matching youth to work experiences and introducing them to their first working environment
  • Providing ongoing workplace monitoring and support to maintain high retention
  • Developing a customised exit strategy that allows young people to gain permanent employment, access further education or step into self-employment
  • Sustaining support to schools on the programme and expanding the programme to more PfP schools
  • Working closely with the training provider when youth are on a learnership
  • Processing the monthly payroll on behalf of the funding partner

Over and above this, we are actively networking with organisations that provide valuable services to and within education.

Together we:

  • Provide leadership and management interventions for school principals 
  • Equip and manage computer labs for reading, maths and IT development
  • Oversee ECD centers that feed into schools we support
  • Provide strategic health interventions to the youth and the related community
  • Offer additional learning through e-learning portals or bursaries
  • Identify entrepreneurship opportunities and provide SMME support services
  • Train sports coaches who run sports academies
  • Create opportunities for permanent work on completion of the YES programme


Values and traits such as punctuality, clear communication, taking responsibility, making decisions, solving problems and organisational skills are modeled, observed and practised so that they become part of the ethical behavior our youth emulate. The programme structure together with the challenges in the education sector offer a very rich learning and working environment for young employees, and this experience forms the basis of their working careers. 

The additional human resources that the youth add to the educational institutions strengthens the administrative capacity resulting in improved operational efficiency and effectiveness.

We are working towards a model where schools can also become centers of learning for the broader community by offering e-learning qualifications when the school IT infrastructure is not being used by the learners. These educational hubs will in future be run by past YES employees and managed as their own businesses. 

Together we are creating quality education for South Africa.